October 30, 2008

User Defined Paper Size Utility:
By using this small utility you can enter paper sizes larger than 111 cm. The most Epson printers are limited to this paper size. Printers with a roll feeder option can print more than 111 cm by using special software like QImage or a RIP, printers without a roll feeder like all A4 printers, Stylus Color Photo 1400, 3800 usually cannot exceed this limit.
Now it is possible easily.
See the downloads on the upper right side of this blog.


  1. Unfortunately I can't find the "ucf" file…

  2. Just discovered your UDPS. It sounds like the best thing since sliced bread! Only problem is my 3800 came with the 6.5 driver and the older version is no longer available on the Epson site. Do you have any suggestions for getting longer panoramas on my 3800?
    Thanks, Marty